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LONTEN craft products factory was set up in 2000, with more than ten years of experience in dealing with the wooden boxes . Our products come in wide range, the main products being Cigar humidors, Cigar cutters, Cigar ashtrays,Cigar cases,Punchers, Jewelry/Watch boxes,Wine boxes, CD boxes and other wooden gift items. All these are completed with outstanding craftsmanship and quality assurance, available at attractive price.

To meet clients' needs is our goal. Today, competition is increasingly fierce and business environment is fast changing. As a result, varied and intrigued design has become an intense focus. Our designers are experienced professionals, ready to be compatible with your ideas flow. When you plan to introduce an idea of new series into the market, do let us know. We will see to all the rest of work, including the complete artwork and product development within your framework.

Through our years in business, we have come to realize one fundamental truth. All successful companies have one thing in common they are built on the solid foundation ......



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